Characteristics Of Neoparies

  • Neopariés has a polished surface similar to marble.
  • Neopariés is usable as an exterior wall having excellent resistance to weathering.
  • Neopariés absorbs no moisture, thus it is stain-proof/graffiti-proof, and cannot be damaged by freezing temperatures.
  • Neopariés has greater hardness than marble and granite, thus it is very scratch resistant.
  • Neopariés is 18mm (nominal) thick.
  • Available in Flat panels or Curved panels (concave and convex) - allowing the designer greater design flexibility.
  • The compressive strength of Neopariés is far superior to that of other common building materials and is sufficient to assure that it will not fail under its own weight.
  • Neopariés can be used on building structures made of reinforced concrete, steel structure and combination structure (steel and RC).
  • Neopariés is manufactured in Japan against order - please consult our Head Office for further information and lead times.
  • Available in variety of colours. (basic colours)

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