TEXO Frequently Asked Questions.

Who and what does TEXO do?

TEXO is a supplier of specialised construction products to the building, mining and civil industries.TEXO delivers specified products and technical advice to assure our customers receive a complete, cost effective and pleasant experience.

What makes TEXO different from other hardware outlets?

TEXO personnel are technically qualified to help solve your issues, source and deliver products for your every requirement.

Why should I buy from TEXO?

Telephone, email, shop on line or simply come in. Whichever, you will experience professionalism with a “can do” attitude, with same or next day delivery.

How long has TEXO been around?

The companies and products that make up TEXO have been trading since 1936.

What are the benefits TEXO can provide?

Just about every Friday afternoon one of our clients calls us to place an urgent order for product. This is never a problem for us, because if you are not sure of the most appropriate product to use in such a situation? Call 1300 00 TEXO and our specialised staff’s advice will find from our extensive product range the most suitable product for your needs and have them delivered to you or on-site as soon as possible.

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