Fire Rated Glass Blocks

The N.E.G. Fire Rated glass block is available in both the 145x145x95 and 190x190x95 size with a 90 Minute Fire Rating. Manufactured in Japan to ISO 9002 standards and tested by C.S.I.R.O to meet the requirements of SAA 1530 Part 4, the N.E.G. Fire Rated glass blocks have -

Characteristics such as

  • 10.5mm thick glass to front and back surfaces (7.0mm thick for non fire rated blocks) providing superior sound insulation and heat retention qualities to the finished construction.
  • Sound Transmission Class of STC 44.
  • Can achieve a 2 hour fire rating by constructing a double skin wall (with a 70-80mm cavity in between).

Aluminium Framing

Our 90 minute fire-rated system - approved by the CSIRO (AS 1530.4-2005) - uses 100x40x3mm aluminium channel extrusion exclusive to Dunstone Maze. The benefits of this framing include -

  • Elimination of costly off-site fabrication of heavy steel frames plus the additional step of surface finishing (eg. powder-coating)
  • Labour saving due to easier handling and assembly of light-weight aluminium frames as opposed to steel frames previously used.
  • Aluminium channel can be powder-coated prior to cutting and assembly on site
  • Cost saving (materials, labour, freight)

Installed in public, government, institutional, commercial and private projects throughout Australia the N.E.G. Fire Rated glass block has afforded these projects unique and intrinsic worth with their safety, energy-saving and maintenance-free qualities plus an agreeable living environment.

Refer to glass block table for fire rated patterns and sizes

Refer to Fire Rated Installation Diagram

Please contact our Head Office for specifications and detailed installation information.

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