Glass Blocks Description and Characteristics


GLASS BLOCKS create an ‘Architecture of Light’

The N.E.G. glass block is formed of two pressed glass units sealed together at high temperature. When the sealed glass block is cooled to room temperature, the glass block is a near-vacuum with an internal pressure at 0.3 atm which gives the glass block high heat and sound insulation value.

Characteristics of N.E.G. Glass Blocks

  • Amenity: The patterns permit light control - direct, transmission, diffusion, and reduction thus providing an agreeable living environment.
  • Energy-saving: The inside of each glass block is a near-vacuum. This provides the glass block with a higher heat insulating value than the double glazed glass, qualifying the glass block as an energy-saving building material.
  • Safety: A properly installed glass block wall is normally reliable. It is wind and earthquake resistant, and also offers protection against crime. Our glass blocks are laid in mortar with horizontal and vertical reinforcement.
  • Maintenance-free: The easy to clean and condensation-free glass block facilitates building maintenance. If cracked a glass block is readily replaceable.
  • Patterns: Available in various patterns and sizes to meet any architectural requirement.
  • Shapes: Can take a variety of shapes - straight panels, curved panels and discontinuous (curves) panels through selection of glass block sizes.
  • Applications: Can be used as windows, walls, partitions, skylights and in any other place in the building where light is necessary.
  • Benefits: Lets in soft light by limiting solar heat and offers excellent sound insulation.
  • Available in Standard and 90 minute Fire-Rated blocks.

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