Glass Blocks Patterns and Descriptions

  • Clear


    Has smooth inner and outer surfaces and offers maximum transparency.

  • Corona


    This semi - transparent block has a light-diffusing concave centre on which a beautiful image is created.

  • Fantasy


    Light delicately diffuses in passing through this glass block with its high degree of light transmittance.

  • Mist


    Light-controlling Mist offers soft light. It has a particularly high degree of non-transparency.

  • Ibuki


    Fine Mist pattern diffuses light more delicately and calmly yet is still highly non-transparent.

  • Bark


    A bark pattern is designed into this block - high light transmittance and a light diffusion effect

  • Cut


    Slanting grooves on inner surfaces are arranged to cross at right angles. Sheds sunlight at angles.

  • Light Directive

    Light Directive

    Light is directed upward to brighten the ceiling and distribute light in a room.

Fibre Glass Blocks

A glass fibre sheet placed between the two glass halves ensures privacy while allowing soft, translucent light to pass through.

Available in Clear, Fantasy and Ibuki patterns.

  • Fibre Fantasy

Solar Reflective - Clear & Fantasy

Metal oxide coating baked onto the inner surface enhances reflection of solar heat, reducing heat and light.

  • Solar Reflective - Clear

  • Solar Reflective - Fantasy

Opaline - Plain & Silk

Non-Transparent Translucent, milky-white effects provide a soft opalescent light, making living spaces more attractive.

  • Opaline Plain

  • Opaline Silk

Triangular Glass Blocks

This isosceles triangle can be combined with 190x190x95mm square blocks. Available in Clear, Mist and Light Directive patterns.

  • Triangular

90° Corner Glass Blocks

Available in three patterns, Mist, Light Directive and Opaline Plain, this block permits construction of continuous glass block walls.

135° Corner Glass Blocks

Available in Mist pattern only. This block permits construction of continuous glass block walls.

Prism Glass Blocks

Thick, strong and shock-resistant, prism glass is available as solid glass bricks to be used for skylights, bridges and pavements. It diffuses light and has high light transmittance.


  • 120x120x40mm

  • 200x200x50mm


  • 120x120x40mm

  • 200x200x50mm

Circular Glass Blocks

Unique lighting effect is produced by circular glass block measuring 140mm in diameter, 95mm in thickness. Soft mottled effect surrounds clear centre.

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