Burwood Installation

The innovative walling system. Developed from reinforced extruded polymer, inoWall replaces the old methods of temporary wall construction with a new lightweight and robust system. Applications of inoWall are commonly found in refurbishment of high pedestrian traffic areas for example, shopping centres, hospitals, hotels and airports. inoWall is ideally suited for office fit-outs, partitioning and work stations, privacy screens, ceiling applications and transportable accommodation. inoWall’s hygienic properties are also perfectly suitable for hospital, healthcare and food preparation environments.

inoWall can be securely installed in less than half the time of traditional timber-framed and clad systems. The inoWall system therefore is extremely cost effective, with the additional benefit of being able to be reused multiple times and in multiple locations. Simply fix the inoWall supplied tracking in place and position inoWall within the track and that’s it. Uniquely, our system is supplied in a highly finished form which importantly does not require any preparation, priming, painting or finishing whatsoever.

inoWall is available in both high gloss bright white and high gloss rich black. Additionally, inoWall is double sided with exactly the same finish on both sides therefore enabling more opportunity to reuse multiple times.

For the ultimate high quality, most time and cost efficient finished walling system, inoWall is the benchmark.

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