Smooth - Brilliant - Elegant!

For interior and exterior wall cladding, nothing compares to the appearance and practicality of NeoClad. As glass ceramic, it offers superior performance and beauty.

The thin design of NeoClad - 8mm (nominal) thickness - reduces the weight on your walls and can be provided in curved panels.

It’s VERSATILE - It’s GOOD LOOKING - It’s NEOCLAD The face you’ll never forget

Standard Colours

The standard colours of NeoClad bring elegance to urban space. Sleek and sophisticated White reflects light and creates bright space. Beige softens the overall appearance, adding warmth. And, for cool tranquillity, nothing compares with Grey.

Stain and Chemical Resistance

Virtually nothing can penetrate the smooth surface of NeoClad. Surface stains and contaminates are easily removed by routine cleaning and maintenance. The surface is highly resistant to acid rain and environmental pollution.

Characteristics and Features

The characteristics and features of NeoClad are the same as for Neopariés. Please refer to above for details.

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