Fibres = Speed of Construction

A major tunnelling consortium needed to speed up production of precast lining elements to get their construction program back on track. The precast elements form the visible lining of the tunnel and are required to meet the strict 100 year design life integrity specification. Traditionally, the elements are manufactured by pouring high strength concrete into a mould containing welded steel mesh cages. The cages provide reinforcement to the element and add significant durability to the tunnel’s structure.

TEXO was approached by the consortium in an effort to speed up production whilst not reducing the integrity of the elements. Through our consultative design process, we were able to develop an appropriate fibre replacement for most of the welded mesh cages. TEXO’s 80/60 high performance steel fibre was selected as the most appropriate for the project and was added directly to the concrete mix in the precast mixing plant.

The consortium not only got their project back on track, they were able to complete the project ahead of time thanks to the TEXO’s fibre replacement design.

For more information about TEXO’s high performance fibres, please call us on 1300 00 TEXO (8396).

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