Shared Pathways

Peloton Shared pathways are cycleways and footpaths that provide safe areas for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy their individual activities. These pavements are making up an ever increasing part of our cities’ infrastructure as the general population seeks alternate methods of transport and leisure.

Generally manufactured from mesh reinforced concrete, the construction process is labour intensive, slow and subject to interruption from weather and access issues.

Path Workers TEXO identified the need for a construction process improvement and developed a specific offering for pavement contractors. Custom cut to length, expansion joints are coupled with a fibre reinforced concrete mix, creating a construction system that significantly reduces construction time. Additional benefits include, eliminating the need to buy, cut, lay and position welded mesh and removes a considerable safety hazard for both the public and contractor.

This shared pavement construction system developed by TEXO significantly improves the build quality of the pavement and at the same time reduces the amount of interruption time created during construction.

For more information about our shared pathways system, please call TEXO on 1300 00 TEXO (8396).

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