Shotcrete Continuous Improvement Plan

TEXO’s Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) process has added significant value to underground mining operations by improving shotcrete performance. A recent study of a long term customer, Perilya Mining, confirmed that reinforcing costs for shotcrete operations had reduced by over 25% within a 3 year period.

Fibre We actively work with our clients on a continuous improvement process (CIP) by reviewing and refining the techniques used in the production and application of sprayed concrete (shotcrete), TEXO’s CIP has reduced operational costs without the need for capital expenditure, increases in staff numbers or significant changes to mining operations. We worked with the clients engineers to tailor the concrete mix designs, fibre types and dose rates to the local materials and conditions, our CIP process optimises the finished shotcrete product so that the desired factor of safety is maintained at the most economical cost possible.

In the past, shotcrete mix designs and spraying operations have been less of a focus in the pursuit of higher mine production rates. However, now that the metals market has corrected and volumes are down, operational cost reductions are being demanded by mine managers around the world. A low cost, highly effective CIP is making sense for our clients and more and more mining operations.

TBA We work with clients on issues such as best practice in concrete, mix design optimisation, rebound reduction, controlled testing procedures and data management. This all adds together to create significant savings for any operation. As an Australian owned and operated company, we provide our CIP service to our customers as part of a relationship based on partnering. Our long term goal is to help keep Australian mining operations cost effective in an aggressive world market.


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