Our History

Our History

TEXO Australasia began as Bly’s Steel Wool (incorporated 18th April 1936, Sydney, NSW). This business had developed expertise in the scraping of small diameter wire to produce varying grades of steel wool for the automotive, mining and cleaning industries.

In 1994 our current chairman, Mr Gillis Broinowski AM, purchased the business and in 2000 renamed the company VLP Products Pty Ltd.

Its primary focus was directed towards producing specialised Australian made, steel wire fibres for the mining and construction industries.

The ReoCo Performance Fibres range was created and then extended to incorporate the development of polypropylene and aramid fibres. These fibres are used exclusively for reinforcing concrete and asphalt.

In 2005 a patent was filed for our, revolutionary, Aquacomb ‘In Slab Water Storage System’. By 2006, Resource Management Technologies Pty Ltd was producing and supplying the system into the Australian home construction industry.

In 2006, VLP purchased the Dunstone Maze Group of companies, which included MET Sundry Supplies, Lintel Supplies and Dunstone Maze. These businesses supply specialised construction consumables for both the commercial and housing markets.

In 2013 VLP changed its name to TEXO Australasia and in 2014 consolidated all of the brands into the one company and relocated to the new facility in Sydney’s west at Prestons, NSW.

At TEXO we are focused on the building activities of our customers and we continue to research and develop new products, construction techniques and logistic services.

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