Steel Fibre

Steel fibres are designed to provide reinforcement and crack control in construction materials such as concrete. The fibres are manufactured from discrete pieces of steel wire materials. The products should always be used in the manner described by the manufacturer. Please refer to the specific product data sheets for correct handling and dosing practices. These products are considered non hazardous when used as intended.


ReoPave 25

Reopave 25

ReoPave25 is an ASTM A820 compliant loose Type 1 cold drawn fibre that is used for concrete reinforcing and crack control in many applications. ReoPave25 complies to the NSW RTA R83/8 specification and is accepted as concrete reinforcement for roundabouts, precast elements and general pavements such as slab on ground. When specified in dose rates of 50kg/m3 to 75kg/m3, ReoPave25 is ideal for high impact applications such as mine site workshops, roadways and processing plants.



ReoCo 80/60-HT+

Reoco 80/60

ReoCo 80/60-HT+ is a superior performance high aspect ratio fibre, engineered to provide excellent results allowing for the replacement of structural reinforcement in some applications. ReoCo 80/60-HT+ is a Type 1, cold drawn high tensile, hook-end fibre for applications high performance concrete applications.



ReoCo 65/60

Reoco 65/60

ReoCo 65/60 is an ASTM A820 compliant collated (Glued) Type 1 cold drawn fibre. It’s lower aspect ratio and robust nature make is it easy to float, trowel and finish off under any conditions. ReoCo 65/60 is ideal for slab on ground applications where a stable, hardwearing surface is required. It can be used in combination with traditional reinforcing to provide extremely long wearing surfaces and stable concrete structures. Generally, ReoCo 65/60 is dosed into concrete at between 20kg/m3 and 35kg/m3.



ReoCo 65/35

Reoco 65/35

ReoCo 65/35 is an ASTM A820 compliant collated (Glued) Type 1 cold drawn fibre. It’s 35mm length makes it ideal for all shotcreting applications in mining, tunnelling and civil projects. ReoCo 65/35 is designed to work with higher strength concrete and shotcrete and provides excellent resistance to rupture forces associated with strata instability. It is compliant to the NSW RMS (RTA R83/8) specification for roundabouts and pavements. Generally, ReoCo 65/35 is dosed into concrete at between 20kg/m3 and 55kg/m3.



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